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Thanks for your interest in our LARP. Don't think of this as the game's website, but more of a repository of information. The important links are to the left on the sidebar. Feel free to download the rulebook and character generator. Both are a work in progress, but should have all of the information you need to get started. Also note the forums. Check them out and read the posts. If you want to post, click the join button and become a member.

Thank you for your interest!


Just wanted to say that on August 11th at 10AM, be at El Chorro Park! There will be lots of fun had!
Notes on El Chorro park(mainly for logistics):
Must be done by 9PM
Quiet hours: 10PM-7AM
Alcohol is ok, but no kegs

Another option is Laguna Lake @ Madonna. Feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

Maps have been uploaded to the Files page.

Legion Rulebook version 0.4 is out! I'm uploading both the .doc and the .pdf versions. The .doc has navigation tabs. Lots of improvements have been made since 0.3.4/5/6, so download this one.

Format the Table of Contents better.
Add in definition section (such as "out of play", "build", etc…)
Do some rearranging so it flows better (if you have any ideas on this, feel free)

Been updating mostly facebook lately. New version of the rulebook is complete. Spears have changed, alchemy/poison production is explained better, and nice nifty charts that tell you how abilities and spells affect each other.

Note to self: Add in info on how long spell shields last, that when you die they are removed, etc…

Rulebook is finally presentable… halfway.

Tentative date for the playtest is August 11, at El Chorro Park from 10AM until. Tentative end time is 5PM, but we'll go later or start earlier if people like. If that date doesn't work, then we'll either have to go with September 1st (Memorial Weekend) or August 4th. I think we'll be ok for August 4th, but let's just wait and see… I think everyone is good for the 11th.

Facebook group created at https://www.facebook.com/groups/479184298776128/ In addition, files are uploaded there as well.

Tentative date for the playtest is August 18, at El Chorro Park from 10AM until.

Fixed negative experience total in character generator when making a faerie rogue. Fixed loop where you could not buy scrollmaking. Changed names of various abilities to match updated rulebook.

New rulebook released, version 0.3.2. Changed a lot of the names of various abilities, and put in some slightly better, but still not great, diagrams for fighter/rogue abilities.

Character generator is now fully functional (aside from shapechanging). Run the program, input all of the information, and click the "create my character" button. It will create a text file in your My Documents folder named your character name. For example, if your character name is Jim, your file is called Jim.txt.

Also found a few minor errors, but they are fixed. Seriously now, use it.

Fixed the racial negative costs.

Must select race before starting package now.

Character generator now fully works with fighter, general, rogue, and mage abilities. The build spent, max health, and max armor are listed on both the front tab and the top of the generator. Also on the front tab is a breakdown of what categories your build was spent in (fighter, rogue, mage, general, or feral).

Anyways, build a character or two and let me know how it goes. Try to break it!

You can now join the site by using a password instead of waiting to be accepted. When prompt, it is "LARP" with all capital letters and no quotes.

Rulebook updated on the "Files" page.

Character generator has been updated and is located under "Files" to the left. Generator works for all fighter, general, and mage trees. Rogue works partially, and no shapechange works. Try it out!

New chat box is up.

The site is still new. Everything there is to do you can do from the sidebar to the left.

All we currently have is a forum and a downloads page. The downloads page has alpha versions of the rulebook and character generator.

Launch of website.

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